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Paisley and Katie


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Nov 2009


Hometown: Jacksonville, FL


My name is Katie Brown and this is my website. I am a full-time Web and Graphic designer. My company is called Go Fresh Design. I've been riding since I was 9 years old. This is me and my horse, Paisley. Paisley is half-saddlebred, half-appaloosa.

I decided to make Show Horse Gallery because I'm constantly making websites for other people and I wanted a site that was all mine own. (My company website doesn't count because it's really for clients not for myself). I am always looking for photos of nice horses online anyway to motivate myself to work harder. (As any horse lover can testify, the expense involved with horse ownership is immense, so if I ever want to get another one I need to work hard and bring in some dollar signs.) Creating a website where I could showcase these finds made perfect sense. Besides that, I don't get to ride often because I work so much, so this site is a way for me to keep my hobby in my daily life.

I hope you enjoy the horses that I showcase each day. But if you don't, it doesn't really matter because this site is really to make me happy.

I primarily ride English though I am very interested in learning Reining. Unfortunately, as I mentioned already, I do not have the time or money at this point in my life to learn Reining.

If you like this site and would like to hire me to make your website, you can email me at or visit my portfolio website Websites start at $2000.00. (I've gotta keep Paisley in grain after all)

Show Horse Gallery - Paisley and Katie Show Horse Gallery - Paisley and Katie

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