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A Manicure that Withstands Horse Back Riding



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Feb 2011


Author: Katie


I enjoy getting manicures and having nice natural nails, I don't want Arcylics. However, it is always a waste of money because the moment I go ride my manicure is inevitably ruined. That's all changed now thanks to Gelish polish!

My nail salon now carries a gel based polish that gives you a very durable manicure. The process for applying the polish is a bit different from a regular polish application. After each coat of Gelish your hand is placed in the UV dryer. After three coats on each hand you are done. The manicure is completely dry at this point. So, no worries about ruining searching for your keys in your purse.

The very next day after getting my Gelish manicure I went to the barn to ride. The manicure lasted unscathed throughout grooming, tack up, the actual ride, un-tacking and turnout. Where as a normal manicure would have chipped and peeled after all that, the Gelish manicure looked brand new. Manicures aside, I also have trouble with my nails themselves breaking during tack-up. The Gelish polish seemed to give a protective finish to my nails. No chipping! Hooray.

The very next morning I was back at the barn and after a few hours at the barn my manicure was no worse for the wear. The manicurist told me I could expect the finish to last for two weeks. I'm just thrilled that is lasted through two rides!

I don't know if this has been a problem for any other equestrians, but I'm so glad to finally be able to get my nails done without worrying about wasting the time and money on the manicure because of my rugged hobby.

Show Horse Gallery - A Manicure that Withstands Horse Back Riding

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2012 04 26

Oh my goodness, I have had the exact same problem! I just gave up and doing or getting my nails done. But now that I have read this I am going to try it! Thank you so so so much!



Jack William

2020 08 23

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Jack William

2020 09 27

Great work




2021 01 30

I am looking forward to another great article from you!

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