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Blue Hors Matine Euthanized



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Jan 2010


Author: Katie


Yesterday I learned through a comment at a horse blog I enjoy that Blue Hors Matine; the internet sensation, the dancing horse, had to be put down due to a pasture accident. She broke her leg at the knee and there was nothing that could be done for her.

News Story from reads:

" Blue Hors Matine has been humanely put down after a tragic field accident. Matine spent a few hours in the paddock with her buddy Blue Hors Cavan every day, and she was with Cavan when the fatal accident happened. There was no doubt that Matine had broken her left front leg at the knee, and the vet immediately diagnosed that there was no way possible to save her life. With her steady rider Andreas Helgstrand Matine by Blue Hors Silver Moon x Matador made an outstanding dressage career. She went from being a national Danish young horse champion to becoming an international mega star winning individual silver and bronze at the 2006 WEG in Aachen. Matine’s silver medal winning freestyle is to date one of the most viewed equestrian videos on Youtube with more than 9.3 million hits. All staff at Blue Hors is very sad about the tragic loss. The news about the early passing of Blue Hors Matine will surely travel around the world at high speed, as she was a unique and charismatic horse with many fans across the globe."

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Lynn Rogers

2013 08 01

I am so sorry to hear about Matinee.  I have shown this video to my granddaughter of Matinee dancing.  I myself have watched it so many times.  She was so beautiful.  I guess she lost her foal then.  It would have been so wonderful if she could have at least been kept alive long enough to have her baby.  How sad.  I pray that there will be another to come along who will have music in her heart as Matinee did.

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