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Breed Spotlight: Poitou Donkey

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Jul 2011


Author: Katie


This wonderfully dreadlocked creature is a French breed of Donkey called a Poitou. The most distinctive physical feature of this Donkey is obviously its long, dreaded coat. This breed of Donkey is incredibly rare. The number of purebred Poitou Donkeys dwindled to only 12 geldings and 13 mares in the 1970's.

Faced with the possibility of loosing this unique equine, breeders banded together to save the Poitou. There are now approximately 200 living Poitous.

In addition to the unique coat sported by the Poitou Donkey, they are also the largest Donkey breed which explains why they are also called "Mammoth" Donkeys. As large as a regular size horse, the Poitou Donkey is useful for packing, plowing, driving and even riding. The size of the Poitou Donkey also makes for desirable Horse cross. The resulting Mules are large and hardy and make wonderful long-lived riding stock and companions. Mules can have useful working lives well into their 30's and above.

For more information on the Poitou Donkey visit the French website, they have an extensive photo gallery featuring Poitou Donkeys.

Show Horse Gallery - Breed Spotlight: Poitou Donkey Show Horse Gallery - Breed Spotlight: Poitou Donkey Show Horse Gallery - Breed Spotlight: Poitou Donkey Show Horse Gallery - Breed Spotlight: Poitou Donkey Show Horse Gallery - Breed Spotlight: Poitou Donkey

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