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Extreme Cowboy Racing

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Feb 2010


Author: Katie


I recently learned about a fun equestrian sport I have previously never heard of called Extreme Cowboy Racing. It's essentially an obstacle course on horseback, but much more intense then any trail class. Some of the obstacles included in these extreme races are; archery from horseback, drag a log, rope a cow, jump a small fence, cross a small body of water and many more.

I think both horse and rider can get burnout from just going in a circle around the ring. Trail riding and obstacle course like events make both the horse and rider's brain work and mixes together a lot of very different skills into what will definitely not be a boring ride. I know my horse seems much more refreshed in the ring after having gone out the day before on the trail. As an observer I'd much prefer to watch Extreme Cowboy Racing over a Hunter Pleasure class.

Each race is not made up of the same obstacles and are not in the same order. You and your horse have to be prepared for any number of tasks. One event might require you to drag a tarp, another might require you to jump a ditch and another might require a lot of backing. To be successful in Extreme Cowboy Racing the rider has to have cultivated a trusting relationship with their mount and have put in a lot of practice hours preparing for the obstacles that might be encountered. For a list of obstacles found in Extreme Cowboy Racing, click here

Show Horse Gallery - Extreme Cowboy Racing Show Horse Gallery - Extreme Cowboy Racing Show Horse Gallery - Extreme Cowboy Racing

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Amy Allmond

2015 09 18

Love what I see, must get on board. The main thing that I crave is the horsemanship, adding it to obstacles then the speed, you got a great recipe for FUN. Thanks



helen lockie

2015 12 21

when and where is the next clinic in Victoria australia





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