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Fantasy Horse Shopping - Princess Grace DCA

Fantasy Horse Shopping - Princess Grace DCA

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Fantasy Horse Shopping - Princess Grace DCA

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Mar 2010


Author: Katie


I just went "Fantasy Horse Shopping". This is when I (knowing I can't afford another horse, and knowing I do not have the time right now for another horse) decide to peruse the online classifieds for a horse I would like to buy. Today I found Princess Grace DCA.

Oh my gosh, she's SO pretty. She's a perfect medium palomino with four white socks, blonde and she's got that Arabian headset and neck carriage.

This filly is located in California, only on the other side of the country from where I live. The asking price is $6500 with only 2 months under saddle. If I was seriously shopping that would be too high a price for a greenbroke prospect in my opinion not withstanding the shipping charge I would be in for. On the other hand, she is very pretty.

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