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Have you Ever Seen a Hairless Horse?

FILED UNDER: Unusual, Health, Science


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Apr 2012


Author: Katie


Brindle coats, curly coats, spotted coats, shiny coats... I've seen them all. However, I've never seen a hairless horse before! While it's more common in cats and dogs, hairless in horses is quite rare. Part of this is because the mutation that causes hairlessness in horses tends to be fatal.

Nobody is quite sure what causes a horse to be hairless. The breeds that seems to pop up as hairless most often are Drafts and Ahkal-Tekes. A hairless horse requires a lot of specialized care that a regularly coated horse does not. They can get fungal infections and are way more prone to sun burning. Without the protective coat their skin dries out easily. Hairless horses also can suffer from stomach and dental problems which makes survival beyond a few months unlikely. Whatever mutation that is causing the hairlessness is no doubt causing issues with other normal bodily systems.

For info on Hairless horses, visit the UltimateHorseSite's hairless horse page

Show Horse Gallery - Have you Ever Seen a Hairless Horse? Show Horse Gallery - Have you Ever Seen a Hairless Horse? Show Horse Gallery - Have you Ever Seen a Hairless Horse? Show Horse Gallery - Have you Ever Seen a Hairless Horse?

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2012 06 03

the foal is actullaly really cute!!!




2012 06 26

The little grey foal reminds me of a little horsey elephants, because his skin looks like an elephants, awwww



Mark jonson

2015 03 13

Horse look wiered without hairs but after few years gain hair with proper diet. And then he look very gentle and active.
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2015 08 22

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2016 01 29

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Maria Brady

2019 02 14

Horse look wiered without hairs.
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Md Ramzan

2019 03 13

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2019 03 27

Wow, never have seen a hairless horse, not sure I would repeat the breeding of the parents since this is considered a mutation.



2019 04 22

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bruce franklin

2019 06 17

According to the research of online student help, Naked Foal Syndrome causes deadly NFS. these kinds of the horse are born without hair and most of them dead just after the days of their birth.



Shira Johnson

2019 06 19

Nice article! I have never seen a horse without hair. According to me, they need to eat more so that the deficiencies can get rid off.



Shira Wilson

2019 06 19

Good article! I have never seen a horse without hair. Give them more food to eat so that the deficiencies in their body can get rid off and their hairs can grow.

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Ben Jamin

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