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Feb 2010


Author: Katie


Horsepulling is a competition dating back to the early 1900s. Farmer's held horsepulls to prove whose horses were the strongest. During a compeititon a pair of horses are hitched to a weighted sled and are asked to pull the weight a very short distance. The team that can pull the heaviest load wins.

Horsepulling is akin to weightlifting, tractor pulling and dog weight pulling. The equine athletes are conditioned with regular exercise to keep up their strength in between competitions. Traditionally Horsepulls were just for draft breeds, like the Belgian, but today there are also Minihorse pulls, Pony pulls and Light Horse pulls. The sport has different weight classes and rules to ensure the safety of the horses and handlers. The weight classes are divided by the combined weight of a two horse team. For example the 3300 class is for teams that weigh a combined 3300 pounds. The 2007 record pull for a 3300 class is 4150 pounds over a distance of 28 feet. A heavyweight team might be able to pull nearly 5000 pounds. For more information visit

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