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Michelle Grant Art



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Apr 2011


Author: Calgary Alberta, Canada


Michelle Grant is an award winning artist who focuses on Equestrian and Farm Animal works. Her pencil works are hyper photo-realistic. Read on for more info and art samples.

Michelle works masterly in both Oil and Graphite. She renders her subject matter honestly; including small details like freeze brandings, veins and texture. Her works have dimension; layers of elements showing depth and depict realistic movement, be it a whip flying through the air or the flair of a horse's nostril. There's no denying her skill in creating realistic portraits.

I especially love the attention paid to the crinkles and folds of a colt's soft nose in one of her full color oil paintings of a baby horse.

Show Horse Gallery - Michelle Grant Art Show Horse Gallery - Michelle Grant Art Show Horse Gallery - Michelle Grant Art Show Horse Gallery - Michelle Grant Art Show Horse Gallery - Michelle Grant Art

Photo Credits:!/pages/Unbridled-Imagery-the-Art-of-Michelle-Grant/129548173759201?sk=info

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Sharon Kniseley

2014 04 27


In 1996, I won a pencil print of yours in a drawing from Equine Images.  It is of a team of draft horses pulling a cowboy sitting on a disc. It hangs on my bedroom wall where I see and admire it several times a day.  I often wonder if I thanked you for it at the time.  Today, while going thru some old papers in my desk, I came across a note and your card that you had enclosed with the print.  You had written ‘Hope you like the print and enjoy it for years to come’.  Well, I surely have.  Thank you so much.
In viewing your web site, it is wonderful to see that you have done so well with your art.
If you have the time, I would like to hear from you to know that you at last received a thank you for your gift.
Sharon Kniseley
Fairplay, Colorado




2020 07 10

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2020 08 28

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Luke McGuire

2020 10 07

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Hazel M. Morales

2021 01 05

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2021 01 06

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