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Miniature Dream Parties



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Jan 2010


Author: Katie


I came across this website, while looking for a nice Miniature horse to feature in the Gallery. I couldn't get over cuteness of the photo of the pony with the pink mane and tail pulling the princess carriage. If you live in the Jupiter Florida area you can hire this company for birthday parties and other events. I can only imagine how crazy little girls would go over having this princess carriage and pony at a birthday party.

Show Horse Gallery - Miniature Dream Parties Show Horse Gallery - Miniature Dream Parties Show Horse Gallery - Miniature Dream Parties

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2011 08 08

How do you color a horse? Does the same apply for a mini horse?



Katrina Adams

2012 07 07

Would you allow me to use your photograph of your pony in pink to help drum up some miniature participation at our Be the Boss of You Breast Cancer Ride/Drive benefiting Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University this fall?  We have a facebook page, and I wanted to maybe use the photo above this comment section on your site to promo as a FB cover.  I will provide photocredit and link back to you.  If you won’t allow, no problem. . . just love the pix!! Take care - kat.



Susan Daniels

2015 11 16

I live in Jupiter Farms, Florida.  I did not own a horse until I was fifty.  As a child I would have loved to just touch one of these minis.  I see them at the gas station all the time with the minis and the carriage in one trailer.  Brilliant!It is good work putting children and animals together in a safe event.




2016 06 02

are you selling that horse becase me and my sister would love that horse.
I love it and it locks like the best horse in the world



Samuel Maltby

2021 01 01

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