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My Little Pony

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Nov 2009


Author: Katie


I can't speak for all little girls, but I know that when I was 4 years old my favorite toy was My Little Ponies. Looking back I blame My Little Pony for first getting my interested in Horse Back Riding.

My father is convinced that I had every little Pony that was available. I had flocked ponies, unicorn ponies, sea ponies with little floaties, flutter ponies, earth ponies, baby ponies, ponies with super curly hair, pegasus ponies and ponies with gems for eyeballs. I also was lucky enough to have my very own Paradise Estate. Anyone familiar with the My Little Pony "Smooze movie" knows what Paradise Estate was.

When I was playing with My Little Ponies, it was the late 80's, fortunately My Little Pony has been reinvented several times and currently still going strong. Little girls today can enjoy these plastic neon ponies too. Though, in my opinion, nothing compares with the original version.

Show Horse Gallery - My Little Pony Show Horse Gallery - My Little Pony

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2011 04 25

hey!  I found a my little pony on the beach a long time ago and I was wondering what her name was for so long.  She looks like the white unicorn with the bright blue mane in your picture.  I think her cutie mark is hearts?  if I remember correctly raspberry would you by any chance know her name?

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