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My Mexican Caribbean Cruise



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Jan 2010


Author: Katie Brown


I just got back from a week long Mexican Caribbean cruise that left from New Orleans. The cruise ship stopped in Costa Maya, Guatemala, Belize and Cozumel. There are many things I could say about my cruise and the fun that I had. I could tell you about my ATV ride excursion through the jungle in Costa Maya, or my tour of a Mayan ruin in Belize. But, this is a website that for the most part focuses on horses. I saw a few horses during my tours of the 4 different cruise destinations and on my horse back riding excursion in Cozumel. My main impression of the horses of the Mexican Caribbean are that they are skinny and poorly cared for.

I want to preamble my observation of the condition of the horses I saw, with the fact that I realize these are impoverished, or poorer parts of the world. Many of the houses we passed on our bus rides through Mexico didn't have windows, many of the children you saw were wearing dirty, ill-fitting clothes. Obviously there are larger problems than skinny horses in these countries and cities.

Having said that, I was disappointed at the state of the horses on the horseback riding beach excursion I took. It wasn't all that different from any trail string you might find here in America either. The horses were all extremely thin. You could see their prominent hip bones, their eyes were sunken in. They had the chest width of a 2 year old horse, when they were clearly much older. Even though it was a tropical climate, the animals had thicker coats then I think should be normal, which is a general sign of ill-health.

Our tour guide was very friendly, and I spoke with him at length about horses in general. He obviously loved horses and had several of his own. I'm sure it's not his fault that the trail horses were so thin. The owners of this tour need to put more money into the upkeep and care of their trail string.

Trail horses in general have it pretty bad. But, the least they should get is enough food to keep a healthy weight. When your lot in life is to pack tourists, who've never ridden a horse before, around everyday, doing the same boring route I imagine a yummy dinner would make things a lot more tolerable.

So, I am probably going to skip the horseback riding excursions on the next vacation I take, unless I know that the horses receive proper veterinary care and are well fed.

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