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Porn Star and Ponies



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Feb 2010


Author: Katie


I had never heard of Katie Price (aka Jordan) before. She seems to be some UK cross between Paris Hilton and Heidi Montag and a Porn Star. Now, I don't actually know if she's really a porn star, but she sure looks the part. Anywho... Ms. Price is a wealthy lady several times over and apparently likes horses. She has her own Equestrian line called, KP Equestrian and has at least one very fancy dressage horse. Something about these photos from her Spring collection photoshoot just rubs me the wrong way...

Look at the little girl's face

First, you've got all these normal looking little girls, looking extremely uncomfortable surrounding this woman who is completely inappropriately dressed for being at a barn. The majority of her collection seems to be velour track suits, which I can't understand for an Equestrian line.

KP Equestrian does carry some actual Equestrian apparel. If you visit the website you'll find there's a riding jean, a jodphur, and a riding vest. Mostly though, the site is just full of tee-shirts plastered with the KP Equestrian Logo.

I'm not sure that I would want my hypothetical daughter wearing tee-shirts pedaled by this lady. She's a bit ridiculous with her over the top makeup, over the top fake breasts, and her over the top lifestyle.

Show Horse Gallery - Porn Star and Ponies Show Horse Gallery - Porn Star and Ponies Show Horse Gallery - Porn Star and Ponies Show Horse Gallery - Porn Star and Ponies Show Horse Gallery - Porn Star and Ponies

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