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Puissance Jumping

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Feb 2010


Author: Katie


It's nuts how high top level riders and horses can jump in a Puissance competition. The world record for Puissance is held by German rider Franke Sloothaak, who in 1991 jumped 7ft 10 inches on his horse Leonardo.

The way a Puissance competition works is the fence starts out at an impossibly high setting. Then the competitors all attempt to jump it. Whichever riders have managed to clear this fence go on to the next round. More height is added to the fence and the remaining riders try to clear the newly heightened fence. This process repeats until only one rider remains.


Look at the rider's face! It's priceless. I would look like that too if my jump was going that way.

The highest I've ever jumped was 4 feet. What's the highest you've ever jumped?

Show Horse Gallery - Puissance Jumping

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