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Sweet Reining Prospect - Shines Lika Diamond

FILED UNDER: Horse Steals and Good Deals


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Jun 2012


Author: Katie


The sad reality of the current economy unfortunately means many owners have to sell nice horses at low prices in a weak market. If you have the means and desire to pick up a horse it truly is a buyer's market. Sometimes among the multitude of posts on Craigslist you can find some real steals. For example, this young filly has a fairly nice pedigree and sure reining potential.

I myself am tempted to pick up this prospect to train up and re-sell in a better horse market of the future. At only $800 she's a good option. Located in Ocala she is close enough for me to ship easily.

While I'm not sure if now is a good time for me to pick up a second horse I did want to highlight this good find for all to review.

Show Horse Gallery - Sweet Reining Prospect - Shines Lika Diamond

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Craig Stephens

2015 04 29

I never see these kind of Horse before. Looks very healthy and active in these pictures. I think it is actually a great deal and worthless.
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