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Whisper Gets Adopted by Willie Nelson

Whisper Gets Adopted by Willie Nelson

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This Might Not be the Best Photo to Advertise your Stud with

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Feb 2010


Author: Katie


I came across this photo while looking at a local boarding facility's website on their stallion page. This stallion, Gonzo's Jazzy Decor, is a perfectly nice horse I'm sure. This photo just isn't the best choice for promoting him. Unless, they were thinking "Hey, look how good our boy is, he'll put up with anything, even awful jumping form."

I don't even think that the rider is a bad rider, though he very well could be... it's hard to tell from one photo because we all have goof-ups. My point is just, perhaps you should take more photos to choose from. Then pick only the best-of-the-best for use on the webpage that is marketing your stallion. This photo simply isn't it.

If you're not a jumper you might be wondering, "What's wrong with this photo?" Well, let me tell you; the rider's back is rounded, his leg is loosey-goosey and his heel is not down. He's got chicken-wing elbows, instead of having them tucked to his side and his release is nonexistent, he's holding on to the horse's mouth way too tightly. It's a hot mess.

Also a side note, are horse is not "out of" a stallion, it is "by" a stallion and "out of" a mare. The easy way to remember, is the foal literally comes out of the mare.

Show Horse Gallery - This Might Not be the Best Photo to Advertise your Stud with

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2020 07 08

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Sara Peter

2020 07 11

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