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Whisper Gets Adopted by Willie Nelson

FILED UNDER: Animal Abuse, News


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Apr 2012


Author: Katie


Thin and Underweight, Whisper the mare and her fellow horse Traveler, were the victims of a neglectful and ignorant owner. Both horses were severely underweight and Whisper's back was burned from a home remedy gone wrong. Her neglectful owner had tried to cure a fungal infection by apply Kerosene. But things are looking up for Whisper and Traveler because they are being adopted by country music legend Willie Nelson.

Willie Nelson, an advocate for the humane treatment of horses, will be using his two new adoptees to help promote his cause. Meanwhile the horses' former owner has been charged with three counts of failure to provide care or treatment for a diseased or injured animal; three counts of failure to provide humane treatment to animals; and one count of failure to provide adequate food and water.

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