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AA Dark Ali Colt the Arabian

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Aug 2010


Hometown: Duncannon, PA


This unnamed colt by AA Dark Ali looks like a miniature adult horse. This guy just says no to ungainly foaldom and went straight for elegant and composed. He has a perfect white diamond between his dark eyes. To quote his owners, "He has a tiny head with very pretty eyes and lovely animated motion with great tail carriage." I agree!

Show Horse Gallery - AA Dark Ali Colt Show Horse Gallery - AA Dark Ali Colt Show Horse Gallery - AA Dark Ali Colt Show Horse Gallery - AA Dark Ali Colt

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Autumn Gemberling

2010 11 08

Many thanks to whomever posted this photograph of my black colt.  It is true, he has not had a gangly or awkward moment since birth.  Now 7 months of age, he is very tall and his jowl is growing in big and round, making his head look even more extreme!  I think this is a Straight Egyptian colt who will definitely go the distance in the Open Halter classes!
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Betty Cooper

2022 11 16

The colt is a dark bay colt with a white star on his forehead. io games



Zachariah Aufderhar

2022 12 29

The colt has a white star on his forehead and is otherwise a dark bay color. drift boss




2023 02 10

Yes, it sounds like this colt is a beautiful and well-formed horse. The description of its appearance, with a tiny head, pretty eyes, and animated motion, suggests that it has a lot of potential for success in the horse show ring or as a riding horse. mapquest driving directions



Drew Binsky

2023 04 05

The condition of this pou pony is excellent.



Emma Orabelle

2023 04 18

It sounds like this colt is quite impressive! AA Dark Ali must have passed on some great genes to produce such an elegant and composed foal. The white diamond on his head is also a lovely detail. It’s always exciting to see a horse with such great potential, and it seems like this colt has a lot to offer with his lovely motion and tail carriage. bluey



zelda thehgd

2023 05 28

The person in question simply rejected being rankdle an awkward foal and chose to be graceful and composed instead. Between his black eyes, he has a flawless white diamond.



Victor Patrick

2023 06 15

The mention of a white diamond marking between his eyes adds to his unique and striking features. The owners highlight his small head, beautiful eyes, and graceful movement with an animated motion and a well-carried tail. Rainbow Friends: Chapter 2



Liam Smith

2023 07 04

I wholeheartedly agree with the owners’ assessment of this colt’s remarkable qualities. He certainly sounds like a captivating and foodle promising young horse.



zetisno zetisno

2023 09 07

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2023 09 12

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Victor Patrick

2023 11 07

This colt seems like quite the amazing one! For AA Dark Ali to have produced a foal this tunnel rush graceful and well-mannered, some amazing genes must have been passed on.




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2024 05 15

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2024 05 19

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2024 05 30

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2024 05 30

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Clara Lee

2024 06 12

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2024 06 12

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2024 06 14

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2024 06 16

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2024 07 03

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