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Baron Von Vendavel the Georgian Grande

TAGS: English Pleasure, Halter


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May 2011


Hometown: Piketon, Ohio


Well, isn't this guy a tall drink of water? Vendavel is a Georgian Grande gelding who clearly has show stopping good looks. The judges agree; he was recently awarded the Open Halter Championship as well as being named the Champion in the Open Pleasure Division at the Louisiana American Saddlebred Association show. He's got beautiful markings, a sweeping shoulder, he's nice and uphill, and he towers over his handler. Just a well put together horse.

Show Horse Gallery - Baron Von Vendavel Show Horse Gallery - Baron Von Vendavel Show Horse Gallery - Baron Von Vendavel Show Horse Gallery - Baron Von Vendavel Show Horse Gallery - Baron Von Vendavel

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2011 12 31

I would love to see more pictures of Vendavel. He is been my desk top picture for years and my dream horse. I am curious to know what he has been up to and would defiantly love to see more pictures.




2013 01 21

Vendavel aka “Val” is still performing at numerous charity events throughout Louisiana but his claim to fame has been his ability to put smiles on the faces of sick and terminally ill children. A few years ago he participated in the Celebrity Horse Showcase at Equine Affaire in Ohio. Val also has a figurine made of him by Stone model Horse.




2019 10 18

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Sarah Jamison

2020 03 01

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james tinker

2020 04 24

Vendavel is very interesting and can bring performances and events. Last year, I took him to his first equestrian competition, just to gain experience, he won the first place! By: reliable assignment writing | UK Academic Writers.



Parinda. J

2020 11 28

Well, what can I say, Vendavel is the perfect black beauty I have seen. Looks like Vendavel can jump over my asphalt roof with ease.



Rowney. A

2020 11 28

I donno about roofs, but looks like Vendavel tree trimming truck with ease smile



peter bately

2023 02 13

He has delightful markings, a sweeping shoulder, is uphill, and towers over his handler.
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Abbot 00

2023 08 05

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Justine V.

2023 09 21

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2024 01 17

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2024 04 02

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ivy michael

2024 05 30

In my experience as an equine enthusiast, the Georgian Grande breed embodies elegance, strength, and versatility. Baron Von Vendavel exemplifies these dog clothing qualities, showcasing the breed’s athleticism and gentle disposition. Whether in the show ring or on the trails, Georgian Grandes like him capture hearts with their beauty and grace.

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