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Gotta Wear Shades the Paint

TAGS: Halter, Most Colorful, Stallion


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Feb 2010


Hometown: Yucca Valley, CA


I like this horse a lot. "Shades" first off is a cute name for him. I'm a bit disappointed there wasn't a photo of him wearing sunglasses. Shades has a nice head, good sized feet (I like a horse with appropriately sized hooves, not super tiny), good amount of muscle, but not too much. He's also not a heifer. His coloring is pretty spectacular too. It would seem the judges agree with me because Shades has numerous color and halter class winnings.

Show Horse Gallery - Gotta Wear Shades Show Horse Gallery - Gotta Wear Shades Show Horse Gallery - Gotta Wear Shades Show Horse Gallery - Gotta Wear Shades

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2010 02 13

Now, not that my opinion matters too much, but I don’t think I like his looks all that much . . . and I’ve owned and been around some gorgeous paints . . . though the more I look I think its his cool coloring that makes him look off in a way . . . I don’t know exactly how.  My question, though, is why do they paint his hooves black for shows? They’re white and then they’re black for shows. Just curious. Thought I’d leave some new comments. :0)

Hope your weekend is going good. :0)




2010 02 15

There are old wives tales that white hooves aren’t as strong as dark hooves, so I think that’s where painting white hooves dark comes from.

Shades is very chunky, he doesn’t have perfect conformation, but I think he’s pretty nice in general.




2010 02 15

I bought a filly from a guy I know that raises paints and shows halter (otherwise I know nothing about it). I also I rode some of his mares just for fun. His stallions were CHUNKY and he was constantly exercising them, sweating their necks and all sorts of stuff . . . seems like they should have the conformation, looks and such without all the extra food, regime and neck sweating.  I don’t know if that’s typical either, just spouting off. :0).  This horse does have really cool coloring though.




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