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Houston Shine the Quarter Horse

TAGS: Reining, Stallion


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Nov 2011


Hometown: Elbert, Colorado


Houston Shine is a 2004 reining stallion. He's a classic sorrel with simple markings. His good health and athletic build accentuate his classy good looks. Under the lights he shines and ripples, and under the lights is where he excels. Houston Shine has earned a Amateur AQHA Superior in reining, multiple NRHA Bronze Medals and a laundry list of other accolades. He has over $35,000 in life time earnings and is currently expecting his first goal crop.

Show Horse Gallery - Houston Shine Show Horse Gallery - Houston Shine Show Horse Gallery - Houston Shine

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Sheryl Mease

2011 12 11

Thank you very much for show casing Houston Shine.  We are very excited about his first foal crop next year. Please feel free to contact us for booking a breeding with him in 2012.



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zoey addison

2024 05 09

The Quarter Horse, exemplified by Houston Shine, embodies athleticism, intelligence, and versatility. Renowned for its speed in short distances protection dog sale and prowess in rodeo events, it’s a breed deeply ingrained in American culture. Houston Shine’s lineage and achievements further illustrate the breed’s enduring legacy and its continued influence in various equestrian disciplines.

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