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Pepinic Chex the Quarter Horse

TAGS: Broodmare, Cutting, Reining


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Feb 2010


Hometown: Ducor, CA


This is a big Quarter Horse mare with one of my favorite types of markings, a bald face. Her white face is complete with eye liner and blue eyes. Pepinic Chex won the 2008 Sherri Gilkerson Memorial Open 2 Rein Bridle Spectacular and has an expressive $23,077.57 in lifetime earnings. Cutting is one sport I haven't tried but would really love to. I think it looks like a blast; Pepinic Chex sure looks like a fun horse to ride. Read on for a ton more great photos of this mare.

Cutting is in Pepinic Chex family. She is by Smart Little Pepinic and out of Freckles Corrina.


Show Horse Gallery - Pepinic Chex Show Horse Gallery - Pepinic Chex Show Horse Gallery - Pepinic Chex Show Horse Gallery - Pepinic Chex Show Horse Gallery - Pepinic Chex

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