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Rhocky Rhoad the Arabian

TAGS: Dressage, Stallion, Unusual


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Jun 2011


Hometown: Rapid City, SD


Cute. Tastefully Colored. Stylized Neck. Rhocky Rhoad is a sabino purebred Arabian stallion who as a three year old won Prospects in Hand USDF Breeders Championship Series. Rhocky has proven himself to be a color producer; many of his foals are similarly marked while others are even louder in color.

Show Horse Gallery - Rhocky Rhoad Show Horse Gallery - Rhocky Rhoad Show Horse Gallery - Rhocky Rhoad

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vicki sands

2016 01 19

What is he out of. I guess Abu farwa.



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zoey addison

2024 05 21

Rhocky Rhoad the Arabian is an exceptional horse with remarkable endurance and agility. His lineage boasts champion bloodlines, making pitbull pajamas him a prime candidate for competitive racing and endurance events. Training with him has been a rewarding experience, showcasing his intelligence, responsiveness, and spirited nature.

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