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Sandman’s Magic the Bashkir Curly

TAGS: Dressage, Jumping, Sporthorse, Stallion


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Feb 2012


Hometown: Summerland, British Columbia


Bashkir Curly horses are not exactly common. I have had difficult finding curlies to feature on the Showhorse Gallery. So I am very excited to share with you "Sandman". Read on for more photos of the curly cue cutie.

Sandman is shaved down in several of these photos, but check out the close up of his curly ears. How adorable! He's also a sooty dun who is showing in First Level Dressage. He does have a very sparsely haired tail, which I imagine is something that goes along with his curly coat. Appaloosas, especially foundation Apps, are known for these "rat" tails as well. A sparse tail isn't what is considered traditionally beautiful for a show horse, but imagine how much time you save grooming with such a short tail.

Show Horse Gallery - Sandman’s Magic Show Horse Gallery - Sandman’s Magic Show Horse Gallery - Sandman’s Magic Show Horse Gallery - Sandman’s Magic

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