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Tatendrang the Trakehner

TAGS: Cross Country, Dressage, Jumping, Sporthorse, Stallion


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Aug 2011


Hometown: Alford, FL


According to the Head Inspector of the American Trakehner Association (and Veterinarian), "Tatendrang embodies the type required in the modern Trakehner sport horse". "Tate" is a good looking, athletic, bay 2006 stallion. He competes regularly in Dressage and other Sport horse events. He's in full time training with Andrew Palmer in Eufuala, AL for Eventing. Still young, Tate's showing future looks bright.

Show Horse Gallery - Tatendrang Show Horse Gallery - Tatendrang Show Horse Gallery - Tatendrang Show Horse Gallery - Tatendrang Show Horse Gallery - Tatendrang

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2012 07 05

Part of the problem as I see it is poor triinang of horse and rider. There too many riding programs that have beginners for a 10-week session, then start them over crosspoles before they have a seat. We mostly have dirt-circuit dressage shows around here, and I see too many horses who should be ranked as pea-green being asked to do tests   they aren’t ready and in many cases, neither are their riders. That’s probably true in many divisions. So if you (generic) feel safer, wear your helmet. It’s a good idea in that case, and there is actually a USEF rule that wearing a helmet is not only permitted in any division, it cannot be penalized. So where’s the need for a rule mandating helmets for everyone? The option is already there, use it if you wish.Angie, if a rider is subject to seizures, of course they should wear a helmet if they are on a horse at all, or off a leadline. If the rider is not subject to passing out or seizures, and one occurs, it is very likely the result of a cerebral hemorrhage or stroke, in which case I would just as soon fall down and die as wind up a vegetable. Personal preference.Chilly, I agree   a lot is being mandated (not just helmets) so people don’t have to take responsibility for their own choices   or even have to go to the trouble of making choices   I’m with you   having a good time up to the end!



Patsy Storniolo

2020 06 27

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2020 12 01

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Benedict Weiss

2020 12 16

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Robert Johnson

2021 02 08

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