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White Star’s Fiesta the Paso Fino

TAGS: Gaited, Trail


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Feb 2010


Hometown: Miami Lakes, FL


I really love Paso Finos. They are fun little horses. I had the pleasure of riding a Paso regularly at a lesson barn and he was a blast to take around a course of fences. And, of course, he had the smoothest gaits. Fiesta was the 2006 Florida Reserve High Point Pleasure mare and the Florida High Point Pleasure Junior Horse. She is used for Trail-riding, Showing and Pleasure riding.

Fiesta here is unable to breed so she is used exclusively for riding. She has a super long mane to die for. Something about her makes me think she would make a good dressage horse.

Show Horse Gallery - White Star’s Fiesta Show Horse Gallery - White Star’s Fiesta Show Horse Gallery - White Star’s Fiesta Show Horse Gallery - White Star’s Fiesta

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