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Zenyatta the Thoroughbred

TAGS: Racing


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Jan 2010


Hometown: unknown


As of writing this Zenyatta is undefeated in her sport. She is 14 firsts for 14 starts. One of the things I like about her, is she didn't have her first start until she was 3. I think that Thoroughbred horses are put into work too soon for their bodies and brains. Zenyatta is undeniably the cream of the crop but I'm certain she benefited from waiting until 3 for her first start when most racing Thoroughbreds start at 2.

Zenyatta was the first filly to win the Breeder's Cup Classic ever. Some of other notable races won by Zenyatta are, the Apple Blossom Handicap, Lady's Secret Stakes and the Breeders' Cup Ladies' Classic. Zenyatta is now retired she stands as the all-time leading female earner in North America with winnings of $5,474,580.

Edited 04/13/10 Okay, so I was wrong, Zenyatta is not retired (it was announced in January that she was coming back for another season) and she just recently won the 2010 Apple Blossom for her 16th straight win. She is now tied with Citation and Cigar for most consecutive wins in major stakes competition.

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Jerome Kauf

2020 06 09

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Sabrina. M

2020 11 30

$5,474,580?? That’s a very huge ROI for what you might have invested on her. Witth a fraction of her winnings, I could have installed a beautiful granite floor in my home.



Jonty. R

2020 11 30

Zenyatta is not only a beautiful horse but also a champion. I would love to see such champion on my concrete driveway one day!

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