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April 16, 2009
Bio copyright that is
asserting headlines contend that compiling and arresting
headlines involves a higher degree of novelty and creativity, and that headlines should qualify as initial literary
works. A work has to convey pleasure or afford enjoyment or instruction to be a literary work.
A literary work must be original, and to
satisfy the test of originality it must be original not just in the sense of
originating from an recognizable author in place of copied, but
additionally original in the particular kind of phrase
in which an author conveys tips or information. It is because copyright is not
designed to protect facts or ideas.

The question whether copyright can subsist in magazine headlines was discussed briefly
by a Judge in a Scottish case called Shetland circumstances Ltd v Wills [1997] FSH 604.

The Judge did not arrive at a conclusion that is final to whether a newsprint headline could be a literary work, but expressed reservations about giving copyright
to headlines, especially where they just give a brief indicator associated with the subject material for the items they make reference to
within an article.

Newspaper headlines are comparable in nature to games of a
guide or other works and titles, slogans and phrases
that are short have already been refused copyright protection. Within the situation of IceTV Pty Ltd v Nine system Australia Pty Ltd [2009] HCA 14, the tall Court held that no copyright can subsist in a programme name alone.
The Courts have based their known reasons for refusing copyright security to works that are such
of this basis that they are too quick (see
Francis Day & Hunter Ltd v Twentieth Century Fox Corp Ltd (194) AC 112) or alternatively that titles of papers, songs, magazines,
books, solitary terms and marketing slogans lack sufficient originality to attract copyright protection.
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