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November 3, 1950

Healthy microwaved poker chips! Actually? Yes and unbelievably great + EASY as well.
The only real drawback-they have to be made in small batches but, that also help (...)
My mom, Phyllis Newell, has been building peanut brittle
in the microwave for years. Her recipe is quick to prepare
and earns rave evaluations from friends and fam (...)
Peppernuts and Xmas go hand and hand as far as I’m concerned and today I’ve
added a fresh recipe to your usual fare.https://www.ketoasap.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/keto-loaded-cauliflower-casserole.jpg This formula originates from
Peppernuts, Ordinary an (...)
The weather outside will soon be frightful! Another
batch of peppernuts within the oven is sodelightful. Produced peppernuts
(using a different formula) early in Decembe (...)
Clean beets from Ted Sexton’s fall backyard pair deliciously
with blue cheese, toasted pine nuts and Apple Cider Vinaigrette.
Another amazing reason I REALLY LIKE fall (...)
Another yummy recipe using pumpkin puree from Moose Creek
Pumpkin Patch. Ready for Thanksgiving morning!Check out other formulas @ our assortment of pumpkin reci (...)
Turnips. Like them or keep them! We taken some over
the weekend and Barry wished me to cook the greens aswell.http://deliciouslittlebites.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Keto-Breakfast-Casserole-Recipe-7.jpg This is exactly what I came up with and yes we
l (...)
Thanks to Marsha Weaver because of this great apple dip. She
prepared it for a recent Literary League conference.Delicious as is usually or
turn it right into a turkey with only (...)
Years ago, even though thumbing through journals at a doctor’s office, I discovered
a formula for Spiced Pumpkin Seed Flatbread. One of the
workplace staff photocopied t (...)
We served Ina Garten’s oat crackers with soup but they are good on a cheese tray,
too. However, I did make several modification in the
formula to create it workable; (...)
Put them within the slow cooker in the morning and dessert will be ready at night!
I made simply two however the recipe can easily be increased.Rather than cooking t (...)
Inspired by one of the soup offerings in the Olive Back garden, Barry developed
his have version using kale from our fall back garden.Sausage, Kale and Potato Sou (...)
Another yummy, timely and trendy deal with made out of farm-to-kitchen pumpkin puree (using Moosecreek
Pumpkin Patch’s fairytale pumpkins).Pumpkin Crunch Wedding cake Makes
How to make Homemade Yellow Cake Mix: (This is the standard size combine for recipes
calling for an 18.25 ounce mix.)2 mugs all-purpose flour 1 cups granulated sug (...)
We dressed up deviled eggs for Halloween with the addition of olive spiders!Delightful or frightful?

Perhaps a small amount of both.Deviled Eggs / aka referred
to as SPIDER EGGS if yo (...)
Inspired by way of a recipe in Food Network
Magazine, Barry ready this recipe when our niece was here recently.

Normally he makes Shrimp Scampi since Erin enjoys shr (...)
After locating several copycat simple cabbage recipes, We settled upon this one.
Once produced, I believed the taste was great but I wasn’t sure how close it had
been the the original Olive (...)
K-State tailgating sausage casserole is ready!This sausage and rice casserole, topped with nuts, makes an unusual but delicious brunch could be made
each day (...)