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Ariat Zip Field Boots

RATING: star-5

CATEGORY: Footgear


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Nov 2009


Company: Ariat International, Inc.


I never liked Tall Boots because of how hard they are put on and (especially) to take off. Having a proportionally large calf, I would get a little panicked whenever the boot wouldn't release its death grip from my leg. That all changed when I got my Ariat Tall Boots.

When my dad offered to buy me a pair of nice riding boots as a birthday gift I was SO thrilled to find these Ariat Zip up boots. The $300 price is very high, but as my dad said, "These will last you forever, you just might have to get them resoled once in while." As I mentioned I have a large calf so I had to special order these boots from Ariat. They came quickly and they didn't take too long to break in. The leather is really supple, the inside of the boot feels great on your foot. They are so comfy. The zip up part of the boot is my favorite feature. No more wrestling to remove boots!

After I using the boots for a few months, the zipper on one boot went crazy. I couldn't get the zipper to stay zippered. I sent them back to Ariat for what turned out to be a free repair. Instead of getting a repaired boot though, Ariat sent me a brand new pair. There customer service is amazing and they really stand by their products.

5 years later these boots are still going strong. I'm a horrible tack owner, I hardly ever clean my leather. Despite my poor bootcare regime these boots are still doing fine, and I bet if I had been more careful with them they'd look almost brand new. I haven't had to resole them yet. I wholeheartedly recommend these boots. They cost a little bit more upfront but they last and are totally worth the investment.

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