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Big Terrain Trunk Locker

Big Terrain Trunk Locker

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Big Terrain Trunk Locker

RATING: star-cool star-want

CATEGORY: Home and Barn Decor, Tack


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Jun 2010


Company: Big Terrain


I think I've pretty much found the most interesting, sporty Trunk Locker that would totally work as a Tack Box on the market. These Australian made storage cases by Big Terrain come in 5 fun colors; Hot Pink, Lime Green, Deep Sky Blue, Yellow and Black. They are rugged, stackable and versatile. I want one.

At $229 Australian Dollars, which equates to $189 US Dollars I think these are probably a great value for the durability and cool factor. I'm not certain if they ship to the US, and I'm not sure how much shipping would cost. I couldn't find a US distributor but I very much like these Trunks!

Manufacturer's Description

  • tough UV stabilised polyethylene construction.
  • interlocking stackable design.
  • great range of toolbox colours .
  • ideal for tradies toolboxes, camping, fishing, and more
  • great, attractive home storage solution.
  • lockable heavy duty latches for security.
  • heavy duty hinges and handles.
  • bonus lift out flat tray.

Shop and Learn more, click here

Show Horse Gallery - Big Terrain Trunk Locker Show Horse Gallery - Big Terrain Trunk Locker Show Horse Gallery - Big Terrain Trunk Locker

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2013 05 27

Hi guys,

I’m Abi, the web admin for Big Terrain (Chilly Chest ice boxes and the above product, Trunk Locker tool boxes).

Sadly you’re right, we don’t currently ship to the US. Not because we don’t want to, but because we find the cost of shipping a little prohibitive for our customers; it tends to double the price due to size and weight. If you can think of anyone who would like to chat to us about becoming a supplier, send them our way!

We’ve had a slight change to the range since this ad was posted a few years ago, and now only range four colours (black, grey, dark blue and dark green). You’ll be able to find photos on the site. If you have any questions, feel free to email us via the site (I handle all enquiries).


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