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Concetta Gallo Cushion for Habitat

RATING: star-cool

CATEGORY: Home and Barn Decor


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Jan 2011


Company: Habitat


This sweet little pillow has a lot of fun patterns on it; best of all a mare and foal rendering are the focal point of this graphic cushion. This pattern is also available on plates, tea cups and a teapot.

Manufacturer's Description

Patterned cotton cushion designed by Concetta Gallo for Habitat. This distinctively beautiful aesthetic is all about contrast and juxtaposition. Photographs are mixed with original drawings, smooth graphic lines with grainy textures, flowing liquid colour with block line and intricate detail, and precious gold finish with a floating, surreal sense of scale.

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Show Horse Gallery - Concetta Gallo Cushion for Habitat

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TaShya Dyer

2020 10 03

The picture you guys uploaded of the tea set and other plates can you tell me do you guys have more design in this. And what is the price of this one with academized review please let me know about this.

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