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Weatherbeeta Joules Neck Lite Rug

Weatherbeeta Joules Neck Lite Rug

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Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine

RATING: star-4

CATEGORY: Grooming


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Nov 2009


Company: Cowboy Magic


Paisley has a long mane and she lives outside and in Florida. We get hurricanes and tropical storms in Florida. This equals lots of wind. Paisley gets these wicked Witches Knots in her mane. They are impossible to untangle with a comb alone. I've tried MANY different types of de-tanglers and Cowboy Magic is the best that I've ever tried. It just really works.

I gave this product 4 out 5 stars even though it works great because it is super greasy. It doesn't dry quickly like other detanglers (which is probably why is works so well) but it makes a mess, that's my one and only complaint about Cowboy Magic.

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