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Custom Oakcroft Tack Trunk

RATING: star-cool star-want

CATEGORY: Home and Barn Decor, Tack


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Jun 2010


Company: Oakcroft


How fun, at the Oakcroft website you can use their "Design your Trunk" webpage to create your own custom Tack Trunk. The photo with this article is a screenshot of my dream custom Tack Trunk.

The control buttons let you change the color, lettering, embellishments and finishes to any combination you desire to create a custom trunk. I have no idea how much these trunk costs (I'm sure it's a lot) but I want one. So visit Oakcroft's website to build your dream Tack Trunk.

Show Horse Gallery - Custom Oakcroft Tack Trunk Show Horse Gallery - Custom Oakcroft Tack Trunk

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Debra Davis

2020 03 13

Please Call me at 865-414-0020. The tack Trunk pictured , the second one with WO LOGO
IS MY FARMS LOGO, ordered many from Oakcroft! That picture is even one of my students
I can’t get a number to order more. Please call that is my design and farms tack Trunk.
Would very much like to speak directly to someone. My FB HAS BEEN HACKED. You may text me the phone number to my above phone number or call me, Thank you



Linda Naylor

2021 03 31

Would like to see about ordering a front vinyl for my Oakcroft trunk.

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