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Epona Sponge Saver Scrubby Sack

RATING: star-cool

CATEGORY: Grooming


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Jan 2010


Company: Epona


I didn't even realize I needed this product until I saw it. My sponges are constantly getting grody in my tack box, but where else can I store them? I can't just leave a sponge on the washrack ledge, it'll blow away or be "borrowed without permission" by another border or riding student. Now, with the Sponge Saver Scrubby Sack I can just hang my sponge on a hook next to my tack. Simple, but useful.

Manufacturer's Description

Sack your sponge! The scrubby surface removes dirt and grime from your horse's coat, then rinses clean. Your sponge stays fresher, lasts longer and hangs neatly in place till you need it again. Won't collect hair!

$3.99 each

You can find them at online retailers like

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