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Goode Rider Couture Riding Breeches

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Jul 2010


Company: Goode Rider


My riding pants finally had to be retired when, after 6+ years of use, the fabric was threadbare on the inside leg. I decided to be more adventurous when choosing my new pair, and went for a jean riding breech instead of the traditional beige britches.

It's not like I'm currently showing, so why not? There's no dress code at the barn, and no judges reviewing my turnout. So with no reason to wear beige, I choose a very dark wash pair made by Goode Rider and ordered it in my size. The $170 price tag was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but when it comes to a riding pant, you get what you pay for.

After a short delay from Dover saddlery due to the item being out of stock I finally received my Jean Riders. They fit true to size, and they look great. Heck, I can even pair them with my regular, non-riding boots and wear them out to dinner or the bar (equestrian inspired apparel is currently in fashion you know!).

They fit great, they look good, and they ride great too. I feel very secure in the seat, denim makes for a very sticky ride. I pair them with my ankle boots and half-chaps and ride Western, or pull on my Ariat tall boots and pop over some fences. Basically I love these riding pants. Partly, I feel liberated to be wearing a riding pant that, in my opinion, doesn't look ridiculous. I don't mind stopping into the grocery store after a ride wearing these, like I would with my old pair. Not everyone might share my point of view, but I can't stand the look of the high-waisted, light colored, skin tight pants that are most riding breeches.

Having worn the Goode Rider Couture Riding Breeches a few times now, I believe the construction to be good, they seem to be well made and will hopefully last as long as my previous pair of riding pants. When the weather cools down, I plan on wearing them out in a non-barn setting (after giving them a good wash of course). I like them that much. Of course, how could I not, they make my ass look great and the dark wash is very slimming.

I've always only had one pair of riding pants at a time, mainly because I'm careful with my money and riding pants can be pricey. But I'm thinking about stocking up on some of the other styles offered by Goode Rider. I wholeheartedly recommend this brand.

Want your own? Click here to start shopping.

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