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Herd Your Horses

RATING: star-5

CATEGORY: Games, Gifts


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Nov 2009


Company: Talicor


This game is a perfect gift for the 7 to 12 year old Horse Lover in your life. In "Herd your Horses" the goal is collect as many wild horses as you can to build your herd. You play as either a ranch hand or a wild horse. Read on to learn more.

Price $25.00 US

I've played this game and I think it's fun. The cards that you collect as you build your herd have extremely well drawn art on them. It's not a complicated game to play and it might be boring to older kids.

Manufacturer's Description

Loaded with facts, adventures and beauty, our most popular award-winning game allows players to experience life as a ranch hand or as a member of a wild herd as they move along an adventure-filled game board. Included is a deck of beautifully designed horse cards each with the name, breed, color, markings and biography of a fictional horse. Includes a solitaire game for solo play. Ages 8 and Up, 2 to 4 Players.

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