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Horse Crazy, Women and the Horses they Love

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Nov 2009


Company: written by A. Bronwyn Llewellyn


There are so many books available to horse lover's that consist of a collection of short stories. For example, "Chicken Soup for the Horse's Lover's Soul" comes to mind... "Horse Crazy" is just another collection of horse-centric short stories.

This book, is literature junk-food. Pleasant, but not exactly nurishment for the mind. At 210 pages it's a breezy read. Being a collection of stories you can pick it up and down at will, never loosing a step. Probably best for leaving by the bedside to read before you go to bed or in the bathroom.

One quote from the book that tickled me was the description of a horse's natural temperament, "When afraid, a horse runs - unless there is something scary on his back. In that case, he tries to buck it off, and then he runs."

Amazon's Description

Many women become Horse Crazy as girls and never lose their admiration for the beauty and dignity and the wisdom and whimsicality of these remarkable creatures. Here, fifty women offer their stories of the path of equine wisdom and the benefits of a good relationship with a loving horse, from improved confidence (and yes, even firmer thighs) to reconnecting with the world after a period of grief. Includes such stories as: A wheelchair-bound woman overcomes her physical limitations, not only learning to ride but to compete - and win! - in dressage Pregnant for the first time, a mother to be watches a brood mare deliver a colt and gains the confidence to face the arrival of her own child A stresses out executive learns that a bored cow pony can teach her a thing or two One lovelorn woman finds she can learn a lot about men from watching horses

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