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Horse Shave Silent Trimmer

RATING: star-3

CATEGORY: Grooming


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Jan 2010


Company: Kelly


I let my horse's whiskers grow out just to test this product. Normally I use my wireless trimmers to clip whiskers, bridle path and feet. I love my wireless trimmer, but I often forget to charge it, so I thought having a quick little tool to do whiskers would be a handy item to have around. At $2.37 a pop, the Horse Shave Silent Trimmer is very affordable. I was actually really excited to see how they worked. All the reviews I read were favorable. My experience was... luke warm.

At first, I ran the Horse Shaver over Paisley's muzzle and nothing happened. The tool didn't pick up any of the whiskers, it just passed over them uselessly. My technique wasn't quite right. After a few moments, I got the hang of using the Horse Shaver and it does in fact "shave" whiskers. The problem with it is, it doesn't always get the whiskers nice and short on the first pass. It also will remove most whiskers from an area and leave others unscathed.

Generally, Paisley is very easy to clip. She stands patiently and lets me de-hair her with out a fuss. I took the time to train her that clippers aren't scary and that training has paid off in incident free clipping since 2002 (when I first got her). However, she wasn't too fond of the tugging that the Horse Shaver utilizes to "clip" the whiskers. I could tell she was getting a little ansy with me messing with her face. The Horse Shaver takes longer to trim whiskers then a regular clipper would, for the reasons I've already mentioned. I don't know if a horse who doesn't like to get clipped would tolerate these or not.

In the future, I will probably just use my clippers. They're faster, more accurate, and the horse shaver just isn't worth the extra time it takes. They do the job done, but not well enough for my taste. Since they only cost $2.00, I don't feel cheated or anything. They work well enough considering the price.

Manufacturer's Description

Finally! A safe, cordless, fuss-less muzzle trimmer! We knew we had to stock this product when it became a staple in our own tack box. These small razors are perfect for quick touchups or for horses who object to their muzzles being clipped with clippers. Once dulled, these make quick work of removing bot eggs- without removing the hair itself.

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Andy B

2013 10 29

I volunteer for the South Florida Horse Rescue as a groom. I get all kinds of horses in almost on a daily basis, from Quarter to Paso Finos to drafts to thoroughbreds. I have found out (the hard way)that not all of them have had any training to stand and let you use a “vibrating piece of metal that gets hot and is very loud when turned on” on them (usually we have to sedate some horses to clip or shave them). So this Horse Shave Silent Trimmer is a Godsend. Four or five quick passes and no horse of mine has a “beard”! I also use them under the chin, on the face, bridle path around the eyes and on the feet and although not all horses are as tolerant as others, this gets the job done quickly, painlessly, and is very tolerable to MOST of the horses, and we don’t have to give them a sedative to do it!! I’m thinking of buying a bulk quantity to have at the rescue ranch!!

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