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Jelly Welly Hoof Pick

RATING: star-want

CATEGORY: Grooming


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Dec 2009


Company: Epona and Dover Saddlery


Hoof Picks are Hoof Picks, right? Think again, these Jelly Welly Hoof Picks are about the cutest frickin thing I have ever seen. I don't know about your barn, but at mine everyone's hoof pick looks exactly the same - which makes it hard to recover your misplaced or "borrowed" without permission hoof pick. So why not buy this unique and recognizable hoof pick for yourself or give it as a sweet gift to the horse person in your life? It's only $8.90 at Dover Saddlery.

Click here to buy this item at Dover Saddlery's online store.

Dover Saddlery's Product Description

Boot-shaped stainless steel hoof pick. Tough gel grip. 5 3/4" tall. Comes in assorted colors.

Manufacturer's (Epona) Description

Epona has now fashioned a superior stainless steel hoof pick boasting a "Bootiful" sturdy handled grip. Hard to miss and easy to find, these Jelly Welly hoof picks are styled in bright and vibrant colors so they can be readily found when you need it. Large and small hands will appreciate the added security from the traction and tread on the sole of the boot to be a plus when working to remove packed mud and stones from the hoof. Jelly Wellies may be your favorite hoof pick ever. Good for you; good for your horse.

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2019 06 14

I bought one of these hoof picks when I visited the States (Nashville) from New Zealand about 8 years ago - my utmost fave EVER hoofpick, and been trying to buy more onine ever since!!

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