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Joules Wellies and Wellibobs

RATING: star-want

CATEGORY: Footgear


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Dec 2009


Company: Joules Clothing


This Product Guide is fast becoming my personal Equestrian wishlist... These Wellie boots and half-boots, by Joules are perfect for mucking around the barn in style. Just because you're covered in mud and manure, doesn't mean you can't look fashionable. These boots comes in a number of classy, contemporary, fun patterns. Read on to see samples...

These boots are made in the UK, the birthplace of the Wellie, so you know they've got to be made right. You can buy them straight from the manufacturer at for £32.00 (what the equates to in US dollars, I have no idea).

Show Horse Gallery - Joules Wellies and Wellibobs Show Horse Gallery - Joules Wellies and Wellibobs

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2024 05 13

Those Wellie boots from Joules sound like the ultimate equestrian fashion statement! It’s true, just because you’re in the barn doesn’t mean you can’t rock some serious style. Plus, with a variety of patterns available, there’s something to suit every taste. And being made in the birthplace of Wellies, you can trust they’re crafted with quality in mind.

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