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Joules Womens Tweed Jacket

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Oct 2010


Company: Joules


Joules sure does make a lot of really cute clothing. The temperature is starting to turn south and with the chill it's time to break out the jackets. While I hate cold weather and living in Florida means I don't really need a heavy winter jacket I still love the idea of the winter coat.

In my mind I like the fantasy of having a wardrobe of many different coats to sport during the cold season. However, in reality I am miserable in cold weather so this is just a fantasy, you couldn't pay me enough to move north.

So for the three days of the year I would actually need a heavy coat I really like this one by Joules. It's a neutral color so it'll go with everything. It's classic, so it won't go out of style. And it's just feminine enough to make it sweet. I understand by the product description it has a floral lining. I love items with secret fun linings...

Manufacturer's Description

Joules' classic new version of the field coat. Every season this women's tweed coat gets better. Blending country heritage with haute couture styling in a choice of traditional tweeds with floral print linings. Discover a plethora of pockets including a hip flask hideaway and cunning flap pocket tab to reveal a pop of each exclusive Joules' print lining.

Buy one now for £189.00, click here

Show Horse Gallery - Joules Womens Tweed Jacket Show Horse Gallery - Joules Womens Tweed Jacket Show Horse Gallery - Joules Womens Tweed Jacket

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