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Kelly Seahorse Ranch Beach Ride - Amelia Island, Florida

RATING: star-4

CATEGORY: Vacations, Rides or Lessons


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Feb 2011


Company: Kelly Ranch Inc


This past weekend I spent two days in Amelia Island on a mini-vacation. Part of this vacation included a beach ride at the Kelly Seahorse Ranch. The Kelly Ranch is a privately owned barn that gives beach tours several times a day to visitors to Amelia Island, located in north Florida.

All of the horses on the ranch are owned, trained and loved by the Kelly's. According to the owners, who double as the tour guides, the horses are part of the family and stay with them for life. All of the horses looked in good health and were well fed. All of the hooves on the trail string looked good, and all of the horses were quiet and didn't seem the least bit trail sour. This is in sharp contrast to the last paid beach ride I went on (in Mexico) where the horses were under-weight and poorly cared for. In addition, the Kelly horses get frequent breaks from lugging around tourists, as they also compete in dressage, jumping, roping and other horsey sports.

The ride costs $60 and lasts for one hour (which includes mounting and a short instruction speech). The ride is aimed at beginners and novices who have limited to zero horse experience. Once mounted the string files through a wooded, winding path up to the ocean. The beach is very private and full of sea shells, clams, crabs, sand dollars and horse-shoe crabs. The ride is at a walk, up the beach about 2.5 miles and back. The Kelly's will take your picture which you can purchase for $10.

It's a relaxing ride with a nice view. However, for an experienced rider it's a bit boring. It's all a walk. You don't trot or canter and the ride is very sedate. The horse's are dead broke, and my mount, Dutch, was very well-behaved. Having called ahead, I knew this ride was going to be "gentle" as the Kelly's described it over the phone.

My one complaint, besides the ride being a bit boring, was it was not an hour long. The ride itself was about 30 mins and the time from meeting the horses and mounting and getting out to the trail was about 15 minutes. So, the entire experience was about 45 minutes total. Not getting the full hour I had paid for did not bother me too much. As the ride was so uneventful, I was a bit glad to have it cut short.

I recommend this ride to anyone who has not had the chance to ride on the beach before. It is very relaxing. I would discourage anyone who is interested in more excitement than a slow, leisurely stroll down the beach from taking this ride. $60 isn't that expensive for a one-time experience, especially as the horses are so well cared for, but as a long time rider who has been riding on the beach before I probably wouldn't pay that again.

Show Horse Gallery - Kelly Seahorse Ranch Beach Ride - Amelia Island, Florida Show Horse Gallery - Kelly Seahorse Ranch Beach Ride - Amelia Island, Florida Show Horse Gallery - Kelly Seahorse Ranch Beach Ride - Amelia Island, Florida

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2024 06 27

I just had the most amazing experience at Kelly Seahorse Ranch on Amelia Island!  Riding along the beach with the waves crashing beside us was something I’ll never forget. The horses were gentle and the guides were super knowledgeable about the area. It was the perfect way to see a different side of Amelia Island.

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