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Muller’s Smart Cart

RATING: star-cool star-want

CATEGORY: Miscelleanous, Tractors, Trailers, Trucks etc...


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Nov 2010


Company: Muller's Smart Carts


Who would ever have thought that I'd be gushing over a Muck Cart? The Smart Cart and the Muck Caddy are simply the best barn wheelbarrows I've ever seen.

I remember cleaning stalls and having to drag a muck bucket down the aisle to get to the spreader. If only I had had a Muck Caddy! That task would have been so much easier. Plus, I would have been able to use two muck buckets at once, instead of one, which would have cut my trips to the spreader in half.

What's nice about both the Smart Cart and Muck Caddy is the option to choose bicycle style wheels instead of the traditional little rubber wheels found on most wheelbarrows. These are the same wheels you see on fancy, expensive jogging strollers. They're easier to push on solid surfaces and have more maneuverability. The aluminum alloy frame is light but sturdy. Both product have been designed with Equestrian uses in mind but will work in your Garden as well.

Prices vary from $197 to $294, click here to order.

Show Horse Gallery - Muller’s Smart Cart Show Horse Gallery - Muller’s Smart Cart Show Horse Gallery - Muller’s Smart Cart Show Horse Gallery - Muller’s Smart Cart

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2014 12 05


I’m interested in buying only the plastic insert for the muck caddy. Can you tell me how much it would cost and whether it’s available without the cart.

Thank you,
Susan Wile



Frimann F Sigfusson

2016 06 07

Are the bins rreplacceabl?




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2023 02 05

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