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Paige Preakness Hat

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May 2010


Company: Kentucky Derby Store


If you're a lady, a giant hat is just the thing for a day at the races. Let me tell you, on a sweltering hot day, having a big floppy hat on your head, like this one, keeps you cool and from burning the bajeezes out of your face.

Plus where else can you wear a hat like this without feeling ridiculous except at maybe Church? The Preakness is just days away and this Paige Hat is perfectly adorned with a Black Eyed Susan, the official flower of Maryland (home of the Preakness). Sure at $160 it's a bit pricey and you'll probably never wear it again, but hey, if you've got cash to burn go ahead, splurge! You'll be the belle of the racetrack.

Buy Yours at the Kentucky Derby Store, Click Here

Show Horse Gallery - Paige Preakness Hat

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