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Retractable Curry Comb

RATING: star-want

CATEGORY: Grooming


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Jan 2010


Company: Retractable Brush


I love my $3 plastic curry comb. It gets the job done, for sure. The only negative, to this go-to grooming implement, is the horsey hair the accumulates in the bristles. Generally, I smack it good against the floor to loosen the caught hairs and use a hoof pick to dig the hair out. Somebody has created a curry that doesn't require this cleaning dance. Meet the Retractable Curry Comb! What a clever little invention.

I thought pretty hard about buying this, but I couldn't find any reviews and after thinking about, I didn't think the convenience was worth parting with $15. I was also concerned that the locking mechanism wouldn't work well and the bristle might break. For others who might have this concern, there apparently is a 12 month warranty.

Has anyone reading this used or purchased this product? If so, please leave a comment and tell me how it worked!

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2010 01 22

I just changed some things on the site and I am testing the commenting system.

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