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Slick N Easy Grooming Block

RATING: star-1

CATEGORY: Grooming


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Nov 2009


Company: Farnam


All the reviews I've read of this product are positive. My personal experience with the Slick N Easy Grooming Block was underwhelming.

The Slick N Easy Grooming block is made from Fiberglass. It claims to "easily remove loose hair, and dirt while leaving behind a shiny, slick coat". In reality this "grooming block" is completely useless and did absolutely nothing for my horse's shedding coat. I would not recommend purchasing this $4 fiberglass brick. Get yourself a tried and true plastic curry comb if you want to get some actual grooming done.

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2013 04 24

I love these blocks.  My horse gets a very heavy winter coat, and these blocks work great to get all that shedding hair off.  I don’t use them other times of the year.  I would recommend them highly for shedding coats.  (I use them on my short haired terrier for shedding, also.)



Jasmine Bowman

2023 09 25

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