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The Island Stallion

RATING: star-5



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Nov 2009


Company: Yearling


Written by Walter Farley, the same author of the Black Stallion, The Island Stallion tells the story of a hidden band of wild horses living on Azul Island and Flame, the bright red Stallion's exploits in his hidden world.

I always thought this book was much better than the author's flagship story, the Black Stallion and it should have gotten more attention. The Island Stallion is a little bit, "Journey to the Center of the Earth", part "Goonies", crossed with a suspenseful horse novel. For what it is, this is a very exciting read, especially for the intended age group of 9-12 years old.

I would strongly recommend purchasing this book. You can get it for $6.50 at Amazon.

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Clayton Cobb

2024 04 16

I grew up reading Walter Farley’s books, and The Island Stallion was definitely a hidden gem! It’s got that perfect mix of adventure and suspense



Clayton Cobb

2024 04 16

Thanks for bringing back some great memories!
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