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Western Legend Saddle Pads by White Eagle

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Feb 2010


Company: White Eagle Pads


I love the look of these saddlepads. Judging by the photos they look well made, and very squishy. The styling is very unique. Looks aside though, this saddle pad has a Patented (really, they have a US Patent) system to keep the saddle from shifting. The saddle pad locks your saddle in place. I hate it when my saddle shifts around so I did some research to see what actual users of this product had to say.

I couldn't fine one negative review of this Saddle Pad. Some of the praise for this product I found were:

"I bought a Western Legend pad last year and I have just recently bought my second Western Legend pad. I say this because in twenty five years as a horse owner and rider, I have never felt so confident about the way these saddle pads protect my horses back and as a trail rider who covers a lot of rough terrain, I am constantly reminded on how efficient the PAD - LOCK system keeps my pad in place. This Saddle Pad Is The Real Deal.

"As a lifetime horseman and professional trainer for over 40 years, I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products that enhance a horse's performance and look great as well. I first saw White Eagle Saddle Pads advertised in a respected horse Magazine. I was immediately attracted to them by their distinctive piping. Upon investigation of their web site and the claims they made about how the Saddle Pad performed, I decided to try one. I was delighted with the look & fine detail of my saddle pad from the moment I took it out of the box. With regard to the pads performance, my pads never go out of position, the sweat marks indicating saddle fit are perfect in every circumstance and the pads look terrific under my various saddles. I get constant compliments from my students and those I ride with on the beauty and craftsmanship of the White Eagle Saddle Pads. And after all my years as a horseman and clinician they are the only saddle pads I ride (and I ride every day). I highly recommend White Eagle Saddle Pads to all riders that want an absolutely beautiful distinctive and well functioning Saddle Pad."

The only reason I can't lend my voice to these reviews is the price is a little steep at $112. I don't use my western saddle enough to justify buying of these at the moment. So in the meantime, I just wanted to share this cool product that I found. If you're interested in purchasing one for yourself, check out this link.

Show Horse Gallery - Western Legend Saddle Pads by White Eagle Show Horse Gallery - Western Legend Saddle Pads by White Eagle

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2012 12 29

hello! many years! I am from Greece and I want to get a saddle pad! What price does it have? send it to Greece?



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