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Marvelous Picasso the Morgan

TAGS: Hunter Prospect, Unusual Prospect


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May 2011


Hometown: Ellensburg, WA


This frolicking colt is a purebred Morgan despite what his markings might allude to. His Splash paint markings are a crop-out; both of his registered Morgan parents are solid.

He looks like he was dipped in a bucket of white paint. "PJ" (he got his name because he looks like he's wearing pajames) is so cute, I want to bring him home. That alone I figured was enough reason to feature him today.

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Robin Seale

2012 12 03

WOW!  I bet describing his coat color on his papers was quite a challenge.  He is definitely a head turner.  As he grows he is going to be a complete play on the eyes.  He is definitely a see to believe horse.




2012 12 04

Beautiful foal, unusual coloring for a quarter horse. but the splash explains the white.  I learn more everytime I check out a website.



Sue Beach

2012 12 07

Hey, noticed you have some of our photos of PJ.  Was surprised to see them since I did not know someone was using our photos!  I do hope all who see them know that he is a wonderful boy and has been tested by UCDavis to be homozygous splash and 100% Morgan.



blaire forbes

2016 09 07

He’s sooooooooo cute! I so wish I could have him! ;-D of course, if my parents’ would let me



Susan beach

2018 06 12

These are my personal photos taken by me they are not to be used by others. Please remove from your site.  I did not give you permission.



Robbie Kenan

2021 04 19

I have to say WOW!! That is a magnificent young Morgan foal. If I had the money, I would make an offer for him. Absolutely beautiful.




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